2nd Mile Student Ministries

Wednesday night small groups

Each Wednesday night we meet at the church at 5:30 for a shared meal.  After we eat our groups split up for age specific small group studies.  Our groups are:

  • High School Girls - Meet at 1018 Ridgewood Circle (6:15)
  • High School Boys - Meet at 1002 E. Todd Street (6:15)
  • Middle School Girls - Meet in the Basement 903 Broadway (6:15)
  • Middle School Boys - 6th grade in the Youth Pastor's office and 7th and 8th grade boys in the theater room in the Basement (6:15)

All of our small groups are dealing with the same issues at different levels.  If you would like to get involved in a small group or need more information, please contact our Youth Pastor @ (318) 377-1483.