2nd Mile Student Ministries

Wednesday night bible study

Our last two Summer Bible Studies will be July 31 and August 7th  at the Stafford's House @ 5:30. Click the link for directions.  Our address is 1018 Ridgewood Circle.

Eat before you come on the 31st and come hungry on the 7th.  Make sure to bring a swimsuite and towel.

Beginning August 14, our school year schedule will begin.  We will meet at the church at 5:30 for a shared meal and will move to Bible Study at 6 pm.  On September 4 we will begin our small groups.  Jr High Groups will meet at the church following our meal amnd high school groups will meet at homes following our meal at 5:30.  

House locations for high school will be announced during August Bible Studies.

See you all on Wednesdays.

sunday night youth group

Join us on Sunday nights for a great time of food, fun, games, study, worship, special events  and travel.  We do a mixture of things with our sunday night youth group.  the main emphasis for us is to  be in community with one another.  You can see the schedule below for a general idea of what we do:

  • First Sunday will be a missions activity.  We are going rto get out into the community to make an impact.  We may build a ramp or bag food or mow a lawn or two, but be ready to be out and about.

  • Second and third sundays will be at the church.  We will have a meal at 5:30 and then a game and bible study and worship.  3rd Sunday will be a youth led study, so if you are interested, let our youth pastor know.

  • Fourth Sunday - Off Campus activity.  We may go paintballing or play capture the flag at the park, but whatever we do will involve some travel.  Check out our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter  pages to get more information.  Or contact our youth pastor, Roger Stafford, for more details on specifices. 

August 25 - Excalibur Family Fun Center - 2:00 - 6:30

October 27 - G-Rock indoor rock climbing, Shreveport -  2:30-6:00

November 24 - Ice Skating in Shreveport - 2:00-6:00

December 22 - Youth Christmas Party and Progressive dinner - 5:30- 8:30