Student missions

  • Ruston Tornado relief

    We will be working in the Ruston area for the next few weeks as we help people clean up and rebuild after the tornados that hit our neighbors.  We are awaiting word from our Disater Releif Coordinator about when we will be able to get into the area.  WE will let you know when we get the word.

    When we do get permission and get a time to be there, you will need to bring the following things with you.  Please bring a water bottle, some type of eye protection, heavy duty gloves, closed toed shoes or work boots.  Please wear jeans and a sleeved t-shirt or work shirt.  We do not know what we will be doing, but be ready for some hard work.  We may have a list of more specific tools that are needed for the particular jobs we are assigned

    Please contact our youth pastor Roger for more information.  (318) 377-1483.  We need several adults to travel with us and to work with our youth for this trip.

  • Weekend of the Cross:  Ruston

    Weekend of the Cross is a mission opportunity for youth and adults to work to make a difference in the lives of people in North Louisiana.  W.O.C.  this year will  be the  weekend of July 25-28.  We will be serving in Ruston.

    Registration is online and can be accessed by clicking on the link below.  Cost is $150 for youth and adults.  Registration deadline is June 1, 2019.  Please register online and let Roger know that you have registered.  

    We do have some partial scholarships available for those who would like to go but can't afford to pay the entire cost.  Contact our youth pastor Roger for information on scholarships.



    Beginning this fall, we will be launching a new local mission ministry through our Youth Ministry.  3:18 stands for 1 John 3:18:


       "Do not let us love with word and tongue, but in action and in truth."

    The fact that it is also our area code, reminding us that the call to take the Gospel to the world, begins at home and moves on from there, is just a God thing.  

    This ministry is in its planning phase . so the possibilities are limitless as to how and when and where we will be able to serve.  If you would like to be in on the planning and visioning of this new ministry, please contact our youth pastor @ (318) 377-1483 or via email by clicking the name link.