Youth small groups

Our youth small groups meet on Wednesday nights at various locations.  Our small groups are adult led and are both age and gender appropriate.  We all meet together at the church at 5:30 for a shared meal that then our groups disperse to their locations.  For more information, please contact our Youth Pastor.

  • Middle school girls

    Our Middle School girls group meets here at the church at 6 pm in the Youth Basement.  This group is for 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls.

  • middle school boys

    Our Middle School boys groups meet on Wednesday night in the Youth Basement and the Youth Pastor's office.  Our groups are broken down into two groups.  6th Grade boys meet in the Youth office and the 7th and 8th grade boys meet in the Theater in the Basement.  

  • High School girls

    Our High School girls group meets at 1018 Ridgewood Circle in Minden.   This location will be changing the first of March.  The new site will be announced soon.  9th-12th grade girls are welcome.

  • high school boys

    Our High School boys meet at the Rhodes house (1002 E. Todd St. in Minden)  9th -12th grade boys are welcome.

  • Confirmation

    Beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 26, our 6th graders will be participating in the Confirmation Process.  This class will explore the Christian Faith through the Methodist Tradition.  Confirmation will be at the same time as our small groups.  All 6th graders will participate in this process, though membership in the church is a family and personal decision.  For more information, please contact our Sr. Pastor, Fred Wideman, for more information